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Christmas 2020

The Christmas window 2019

I love Christmas! Growing up in New Brunswick Christmas began with a trip to my grandparents house. The small farmhouse would be filled with aunts, uncles, cousins, and food.... oh the food! The love and laughter of that evening was magical.... and lots of singing as my grandmother or my Aunt Carol played the piano. The drive home, use 4 kids in the back seat of the Volvo would continue the sing along, and my parents in the front giggling as we often each sang a different song... all at once. The memories are rich, and brings a smile to my face every time. Christmas 2020 may look different, but the emotions of love and joy are still there... I feel it now, as Im writing this.

Every year I sit down in early October to hand address over 500 envelopes... invites to the Surroundings Christmas Open House.... for 27 years we have hosted a party to kick off the season, last year over 150 people showed up!! Whew! Its a beautiful night in the shop, a glass of wine, cheeses from around the world, and lemon tarts made by your truly. In March, as the reality of Covid-19 hit home, I knew we would not be able to do the Open House this year.... and yet I wanted to acknowledge the season with my clients.

November 15th 10 am to 4 pm.... we are hosting Surroundings Christmas Market, 2 market tents will be out front in the boulevard, and the shop will be open..... Moka House will be serving apple cider outside to keep you warm while you wait. Social distancing is the name of the game.... 5 customers at a time in the shop and 1 to 2 people in the tents at a time... 2 if you are in the same bubble. You may have to wait.... so dress warmly.

I have Two artists that are very near and dear to my heart, Donna and Ken Gordon, they are multi talented in so many areas.... I wanted to support their creativity this season... so we will be selling Ken's driftwood Christmas trees and Donna's paper mâché sheep in the market tents... along with Surroundings Christmas goodies..... and you can make purchases outside without going into the shop.

Christmas is not cancelled, it's going to look different.... but the spirit, beauty, and love of the Holiday Season can not be stopped... I know that..... find ways to make it special. Small little things, Write a hand written letter, make cookies for friends and neighbours, sing, sing loudly, even if you're out of tune.

Love Where You Live,


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