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 Established 1993, Owner Kristiane Baskerville


 I grew up in rural New Brunswick, and attended my first country auction when I was just 6 years old....... I was the successful bidder on a box of purses.... of course I only wanted the red purse!  Thus began the love affair of all things old, hand crafted, and sustainable.


Surroundings is a fusion of the old and the new. A blend of curated antiques with home decor from around the world. Every item, thoughtfully sourced and selected with care. Italian glassware sits on a Canadiana sideboard, European linen drapes across a harvest table, and candles from Denmark burn sitting on a centuries old blanket chest.  I travel up and down the Island, the East coast, and the countryside of France...... always searching, always learning.

Over the last 27 years the store continues to evolve, alway changing, staying current, and focusing on timeless furnishings for the home. The website is here to give you a glimpse of what you will find in store... we do not have all the merchandise posted .... and certain items sell fast .... if you are looking for anything special... let us know! We keep a Wish List at the shop. 

Love where you live,


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