... and we all stayed Home.

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

When the province shut down mid March the message was... go home, stay home. As a person who makes their living helping people create homes, I have to say being told to stay home for me was like YES! I get to stay home! I spend my life being a city mouse and a country mouse. My home is in the Cowichan Valley, my business is in Victoria. I usually spend 2 to 3 nights a week in the city, so I don't have to daily commute, and the other nights Im home. I have been doing this schedule now for 16 years..... and because of Covid, I spent a full 2 months in my home. I loved it.

Being back to work the last 3 months, its been really interesting hearing everyones "stay at home" story. What I found very interesting, is that 95% of you really embraced staying at home. You all realized how much running around we do. You learned to cook new dishes, you painted the living room, you re-organized closets..... you nested and got reacquainted with your home.... and I heard it over and over again " Kristiane, we are so lucky to live on Vancouver Island"..... gratitude for this place we call home.

Home is where the heart is .... and for me during the last 6 months that has never rung more true.

Love where you live,


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